Every year, ISAPP is organizing Schools addressed to European Ph. D. students (experimentalists and theorists, astrophysicists and particle physicists). In 2013, one of the two schools will be dedicated to Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics (14-23 July). It will be organized by the Canfranc Underground Laboratory. Canfranc is located on the Spanish Pyrenees near the historic town of Jaca, in Aragon.

The School will start, in the first two days, with two introductory courses, one on Cosmology and one on the Standard Model of Subnuclear Physics. In addition, an overview of Astroparticle Physics will be given. Neutrino physics and astrophysics have made enormous progress in the last several years, leading to the first evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model. More results are expected from experiments underground, at accelerators and nuclear power reactors and from astrophysical observations, in particular those of Planck that are foreseen for the Spring 2013. Lectures will cover: neutrino phenomenology, neutrinos and cosmology, neutrino masses from beta and double-beta decays, theory of neutrino mass, neutrinos from the Earth, the Sun and Supernovae, neutrino experiments at reactors and accelerators. The lecture courses will be complemented by a few specialized seminars.

The students are expected to have an active participation in the School: they will have time for discussions between themselves and the lecturers, in particular in dedicated afternoon session, and are encouraged to bring posters presenting their research work. These posters will be permanently exposed for the duration of the School and shortly presented in dedicated sessions.

Visits to the underground facilities and experiments and, in addition, to the historical monuments of Jaca and of San Juan de la Peña will be organized, as well as a special lecture on the roots of the Aragón Kingdom.


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